My most admired woman in the US

Posted: 17 September, 2011 in Multimedia Reporting

Last thursday, my teacher of Multimedia Reporting, Loren Fisher, asked us to say who was the woman we most admired in the US. It wasn´t so easy for me, not knowing so much about American culture and history, so I finally picked Beyoncé, an American R&B singer, actress and fashion designer. I first heard about her when she was part of Destiny’s child (who doesn’t remember their superhit Survivor?) and, after the group’s disbandment in 2005, she has released four albums.

In fact, Beyoncé is the third most honored female artist by Grammys: she has won 16, 13 of which as a solo artist. She was also recently awarded with the Billboard Millennium Award as a recognition of her career achievements and influence in the music industry.

I just spent some time looking for some multimedia content about her, which was rather difficult. In fact, the only website worth naming would be her official website, where she posts information about her not only in written form, but also using videos. An example of that would be her tribute to the 9/11, where they put together some shoots of the memorial and Beyoncé’s voice singing.

I also found some other websites where there was a photogallery of her, a slide show without any audio, but text, as well as some uninteresting Youtube slideshows made only with photos.

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