Final project ideas

Posted: 23 October, 2011 in ICPP

I met Vera on thursday, from 1:30 pm to 3 pm at the Zimmerli Art Museum at the College Avenue Campus. Last time we met up I told her that I had never been there and that I wanted to do so, so she offered to come with me and explain me some aspects about the exhibition, since she was there in a guided tour.

During our visit to the museum, we spoke about what we were seeing: first a Russian art exhibition about concentration camps and then some American artists´work. We saw for example some drafts of a diary describing how life was in a concentration camp in the former USSR. I told her about a graphic novel I have read: Maus. Art Spiegelmann is te designer and writer of that book and explains in a different way nazism in Poland by telling how his father lived in that time and which consequences did it have for his current character. Actually graphic novels are not that popular in Spain, only people who love comics read them, but Maus won a Pulitzer prize.

Next we spoke about nazism and she told me that she has been to the Holocaust Museum in DC, like me. I told her that I visited it but only had some minutes to do so, so I had to hurry up and could not take the time to read everything. Thus I felt terrible because it seemed that I didn´t feel anything when reading all the documents that were exposed. In fact, there were a lot of Jewish persons and they all looked at me in an awkward manner.

Next we started thinking about our final project for the IFP course. We can do a research project or choose to do it in a very free way, exploring with different formats. First we thought about doing it about prejudices and stereotypes that people have from other cultures and persons. The only problem is that we would like to focus on Spain and the US, and nearly everybody knows that Americans think Spaniards are lazy and just do parties and take naps all the time, while Spaniards think that North Americans are stupid and extremely bad at Geography. In fact, I told Vera that I had just seen in Facebook a funny picture about that prejudice:

The second idea we had was about non-verbal communication, which conveys nearly 60% of everything we express about ourselves and our thoughts. This includes interpersonal distance, the posture one adopts when talking to others, your facial expressions (showing interest, boredom,…), your gestures, the importance of silence for every culture. I also told Vera about a video I had seen this week precisely about this aspect of Italian culture:

Probably we are going to do our final project about that last topic, which I find fascinating. Let´s see.

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