Posted: 13 November, 2011 in ICPP

Today Vera, my ICPP buddy, came to my apartment at RockOff from 1:30 to 2:45 pm to have our seventh meeting. She first told me that she is going to interview soon a writer for one of her Feminism classes. She was nervous, because it was going to be her first interview, so I have given her some tips, since I am majoring in Journalism and are familiarized with the techniques to make a succesful interview. I have told her to bring a recorder and record the whole interview to be able to quote the interviewee without changing the sense of her sentences. Also, she wants to take some notes while the woman is speaking, to know what she speaks about in every moment and also take note of the time whenever the interviewee says somhing important, so that she doesn´t have to listen to the whole interview again to find that precise quote she loved so much.

Next we have started talking about our ICPP project, which is going to be about the notion of identity, one of the intercultural aspects she has talked about in her class. She told me we have different types of identities: racial and ethnical (which in my case are the same, but aren´t necessarily like that), but also social and personal. The social identity is related to the social groups you belong too: belly dancing and bollywood in my case, rugby in Vera´s. The personal is more related to the interests and beliefs, like if I love arts and crafts or the fact that I am not religious.

We have thought how to put into practice our ideas and decided to make a book with photographies and little texts written by different people saying something about their identities. Vera got her idea from the book Part Asian, %100 Haka, that the professor showed her in class. Since I just bought a new DSLR camera, she thought we could use it to take beautiful pictures from Rutgers students while finding out what they think about their own identities.

Apart from the pictures, we want to include some handwritten text of all the interviewed people, because everyone´s typography also says a lot about the person: positivism, hurry, the color of the pen they use, if they write straight or not,… Thus we have started to create a questionnaire that we will print out and give to some Rutgers students, including international students. We will ask them to fill it andgive it back to us, so we can scan them all and use them for our project.

We have also discussed how to write the questionnaire, the order of the questions, but also the words we use. I was telling her all the time to try to use easier words because we want everybody, independent of their English level, to understand the questions and answer them. Moreover, I have insisted in explaining in the questionnaire all the different factors that influence on our identity.

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