Last meeting with Vera

Posted: 17 November, 2011 in ICPP

Today I met Vera at 1pm at Brett Hall, where she lives. I was really curious about seeing other Rutgers residences, since I live in RockOff and there we’ve go kitchen and bathroom just for us. However, Vera had told me that they share the bathroom with the whole floor and don’t have a kitchen, so they really depend on the dining hall. The residence was good and you could tell they behave like a family there (i.e. they don’t close their bedroom’s doors).In fact, it was easy to find people to help us with our identity project.

After being done with the questionnaire, we went to Vera’s room and had our last meeting. We talked about our academical future. I for example told her that I just need to do a Journalism internship in Spain to finish my degree. I told her about my desire to do it in the graphic section of a newspaper because I love infographics. In fact, I explained her that National Geographic is one of the best places to work in if you are interested in that. They have a whole department in charge of creating them and the average time to prepare one is longer than a year. In a newspaper, they are lucky if they have more than 5 graphic designers and the graphics “are due yesterday”.

We then started talking about traveling and commented on the map that hangs on her wall. She and her roommate are planning to buy stickers to put in all the places they have gone to. I told her that I already am doing something similar, but online, with the Trip Advisor’s app in Facebook. We next spoke about our next trips. In my case Princeton on Sunday and Miami for Thanksgiving. I am trying to visit all the places I can while I am here because I am going to leave the country already in a month.

Her next destination is going to be Israel, although she had first planned not to travel anywhere until the Study Abroad in Spain. I told her about a really cool bike rental program that there is in many cities of Spain, by which you pay an annual fee of 18 euros and are allowed to take a bike in one of the hundreds of stations that there are. You can return it to a different bike station and don’t pay anything for the first 30 minutes. What most people do if they need to go to some place that is further than that is changing the bike. I explained her that it is a great solution to all the bike thefts problems that there are in my city ad to the heavy traffic on rush hours.

We finally talked about the meaning of the word queer, since some of the interviewees used it to describe himself. This word is an hyperonym of heterosexual and homosexual. It was used a long time ago in a pejorative way, but now people use it to reivindicate their untagged identity. We don’t have any equivalent in Spanish. Related to that, she told me about a film she had watched about masculinity. In it, a girl met different types of boys while in Spain and dated all of them. When she went home with the macho men, she found out the truth: he was not as macho as he simulated, he was still living with his mother. In connection with that, we talked about different personalities of men.

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