Who am I? And YOU ask me this? I thought you wouldn’t have forgotten about me, about more than 3 years blogging history.

Well, my name is Mar Gonzalez Buso, I’m a Spanish 23-years old double-mayoring in Journalism and Translation & Interpretation. This is my 6th year of college, and I will graduate (finally) this June. It’s not because I’m stupid that it took me so long, the reason for this delay is that most of the degrees in Spain are 5-years-based, and since I was doing 2 at the same time, I wasn’t able to attend all the classes last year.

My interests are languages (I speak German, English, French, Valencian and Spanish, of course), dancing (belly dancing, bollywood or just dancing late at night at some clubs), photography (I just bought a new camera and I’m soooo excited). I  also enjoy learning new things every day, and this blog is going to be a vivid proof of that.

Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Duda says:

    Hello, nice to find your blog Mar. I’m a student of Translation and Interpretation, and I’m doing a research about oral translation, and about some other topics. I found it interesting the info you posted.
    I’m having troubles with my research though. I need to read a lot of info in order to do investigation, but sometimes I can’t find it, and it frustrates me so bad. I have no much time to finish the work, and I haven’t even started, I mean, I have some info and stuff, but I need to organize it, and I’m against the clock, I just hope to finish it on time.

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