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Project summary

Posted: 4 December, 2011 in ICPP
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Our project (click to see the Powerpoint presentation) was inspired by the Part Asian, 100% Hapa book that the students looked at in class.  The format of our project in Rutgers Identity is very much like the Hapa book in that it provides pictures of Rutgers students and it has them talk about their identity in a very free, unstructured way.  It is very different from the Hapa book in that the only thing our subjects have in common is that they attend Rutgers.  Besides that, their identities vary greatly. We believe this speaks for the tremendous diversity that exists at our university, and also the complexities that exist in identity itself.



Last meeting with Vera

Posted: 17 November, 2011 in ICPP

Today I met Vera at 1pm at Brett Hall, where she lives. I was really curious about seeing other Rutgers residences, since I live in RockOff and there we’ve go kitchen and bathroom just for us. However, Vera had told me that they share the bathroom with the whole floor and don’t have a kitchen, so they really depend on the dining hall. The residence was good and you could tell they behave like a family there (i.e. they don’t close their bedroom’s doors).In fact, it was easy to find people to help us with our identity project.



Posted: 13 November, 2011 in ICPP

Today Vera, my ICPP buddy, came to my apartment at RockOff from 1:30 to 2:45 pm to have our seventh meeting. She first told me that she is going to interview soon a writer for one of her Feminism classes. She was nervous, because it was going to be her first interview, so I have given her some tips, since I am majoring in Journalism and are familiarized with the techniques to make a succesful interview. I have told her to bring a recorder and record the whole interview to be able to quote the interviewee without changing the sense of her sentences. Also, she wants to take some notes while the woman is speaking, to know what she speaks about in every moment and also take note of the time whenever the interviewee says somhing important, so that she doesn´t have to listen to the whole interview again to find that precise quote she loved so much.


I met Vera today from 12 to 1pm at the entrance of RockOff Hall and asked her whether it would be ok for her to go downtown, since I needed to do some things. She first asked me about my Canada road trip, since that is the reason why we couldn´t have this sixth meeting on time last weekend. I told her that I went there with three other Spaniards and one American guy. I lived one year in Germany with two of them, so it was a very nice experience being able to travel with them again.

However, we were expecting to see a lot of cultural differences between the U.S. and Canada, but that was not the case. We went to Toronto, which is supposed to be the most American and European city of the whole country. A pity because what we wanted to discover was the pure Canadian essence. However, as Vera has commented, globalization makes that a lot of cities just feel the same although they are located in different countries or even continents.

Still we could see the crossing guards, the old volunteers that stand in every crossing once the children finish school to ensure that they won´t be overrun by any car. However, we found it kind of funny, since the boys and girls we saw crossing the streets were old enough to go home alone and watch out for the cars. In Spain we don´t have something similar, so somebody usually goes to the school to pick up the children and, when they are 10-13 years old, they start going home alone (depending on the distance, the neighborhood and the safety of the crossings).


Final project ideas

Posted: 23 October, 2011 in ICPP

I met Vera on thursday, from 1:30 pm to 3 pm at the Zimmerli Art Museum at the College Avenue Campus. Last time we met up I told her that I had never been there and that I wanted to do so, so she offered to come with me and explain me some aspects about the exhibition, since she was there in a guided tour.

During our visit to the museum, we spoke about what we were seeing: first a Russian art exhibition about concentration camps and then some American artists´work. We saw for example some drafts of a diary describing how life was in a concentration camp in the former USSR. I told her about a graphic novel I have read: Maus. Art Spiegelmann is te designer and writer of that book and explains in a different way nazism in Poland by telling how his father lived in that time and which consequences did it have for his current character. Actually graphic novels are not that popular in Spain, only people who love comics read them, but Maus won a Pulitzer prize.


Cultural beliefs: superstitions

Posted: 14 October, 2011 in ICPP

Today, October 14th, I had my fourth meeting with Vera. We met before lunch (during the lunchtime for her) at the lounge in the Students Activities Center, a room full of couches where we can comfortably seat and talk without disturbing anybody.

Since Halloween is coming closer, we started talking about ghosts. I told her that this week one of my professors asked a student whether she believed in ghosts or not and she said yes. Only me and a German international student seemed surprised with that answer, since believing in ghosts in not really popular in Europe. However, I still don´t not if joking or not, the professor continued asking her questions, like if some dead person had appeared to her in dreams and talked to her. She replied again yes, that had happened to her some months after this person´s death; and the professor commented that it was normal by this time because when you are new somewhere you need some time to get adapted, meet everybody and know how to get in touch with the livings. My professor did not even smile a little, but I guess he was kidding.


Weird contests and prejudices

Posted: 13 October, 2011 in ICPP
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Today I had my third meeting with Vera, from 3 to 4 pm at Au Bon Pain, in College Avenue. Before we started our meeting we went to see the beds that people are decorating for tonight´s beds race. She has told me that it is the fourth time that they celebrate this event at Rutgers, at those fraternities, sororities and sports groups have only 24 hours to decorate their beds. During the race, one person has to be on the bed, and only three (also costumed) can push. I found it really interesting, because there are no such contests in Spain.